87.4% THC
Apple Jack terpene profile possessing an aroma that does the name justice – baked sweet apples backed by an accent of skunk and earth.




A quick glance at Big Chief extracts carts

Exceptionally pure cannabis oil distillates are few, but this is what makes them so coveted. The Big Chief brand knows that for sure. Taking an ax to additives and cutting agents, it goes the refined way to produce vape carts soaked in sheer purity and, of course, incredible potency. Do yourself a favor and explore Big Chief extracts more carefully:

  • No synthetic substances. The distillates in these extracts do not contain emulsifiers or adulterants. The maximum purity is achieved through a multi-step refinement process, following the extraction of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids.
  • Only organic flavors. Big Chief extracts cartridges are made to intensify your vaping experience without tasting artificial. Filled with high-quality oils, they put natural flavors first to allow for the pleasure in its purest form.
  • California-sourced and lab-tested. Before making locally grown cannabis into its top-notch extracts, Big Chief does a lot of testing. As a result, each of these vape carts comes with a detailed report on cannabinoids, terpenes, potency, etc.
  • Consistent puffing. These cartridges ensure that your vaping experience doesn’t change with every hit you take. Thanks to distilled cannabis oil, they bring tastes and balance together. Your puffs are always fantastic.
  • Plenty of strains. Before you buy Big Chief extracts online, decide on the variety first. Sativas, Indicas, and hybrids are all available. And even though most of the brand’s cartridges focus on THC, those with high CBD ratios are also up for grabs.

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Let us take things further. Order 10 Big Chief vape carts and get your hands on two complimentary ones. This offer is also for retailers looking to do some bulk-purchasing. Free cartridges will be added to your order for every ten that you want to buy.

If you spend $175(19250) or more on these carts, either coupled with other products or not, we’ll ship them at no charge to anywhere you need (excluding India). For other countries, we guarantee the fastest and safest delivery. Buy Big Chief extracts here and get them at your doorstep in a wink!


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