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Buy Strawberry Pie Strain: Strawberry Cough X OG Kush

I came across this batch of the Strawberry Kush strain on my latest trip to HTC in Van Nuys, CA. I’d never come across this strain before, but the sweet strawberry aroma drew me in right away,buy Strawberry Pie mario carts-buy mario carts.

Some quick research told me that the Strawberry Kush moniker typically refers to a clone-only, Indica-dominant hybrid that is know for its sweet taste and soothing effects. Of course it’s entirely possible that a slightly different cross could have received the same name over the years.

That being said, I wasn’t entirely sure of what to expect this time around. I had only my sense of smell and the word of the budtender, who informed me that this batch of Strawberry Kush was in fact an Indica-dominant hybrid.

When blending two classic dessert strains like Strawberry Cookies and Cherry Pie, naturally we arrive at another guilty pleasure.

With the sumptuous Strawberry Pie. This Indica-leaning Hybrid strain retains the sweetness of its parents.but is also douse with a more overpowering earthy, gassy aroma. Its terpene profile is dominate by myrcene, which manifests content feelings of sleepiness and relaxation after ingestion of the plant.

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