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Rove Waui Vape Cartridges.

The Indica-dominant blend in ROVE’s Waui Disposable Pen is potent, fast acting, and designed to deliver a premier nighttime cannabis vaping experience. This oil is a light golden-amber color and the flavor is a delicious blend of classic earthy-pine tastes, with hints of flowers and a little sweetness on the finish.

82% average THC level fully leans into its Indica side, with a high that is mild on the mind and spirit, much more pronounced as it settles into your body. Gentle uplift is happy and calming, which paves the way for a heavy and numbing full body mellow, one that will have you locked into your couch and very tranquil. Treat yourself to some snacks before you inevitably drift off into a peaceful and restorative sleep. This vape is ideal for alleviating symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, pain, lack of appetite, fatigue, and nausea.




Earthy, pine, floral, sweet


Relaxation, happiness, analgesic, appetite boost, sedative


Recreation, socializing, sleep

Medical Conditions:

Stress, anxiety, depression, mood swings, pain, headaches, arthritis, muscle spasms, lack of appetite, nausea, fatigue, insomnia

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